Three Phase Multi-function Power Meter
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Three Phase Multi-function Power Meter



DTSD3666/DSSD3666 type Three-phase Multi-Function Watt-hour Meter is a modern advanced meter designed for industrial users, which adopts a large-scale integration circuit, digital sampling and processing technology and SMT process.

Every performance index of the product is in conformity with the technical requirements for multi-function watt-hour meter stipulated in GB/T 17215.321-2008 Class 1 and 2 Static AC active Watt-hour Meter, GB/T 17215.322-2008 Class 0.2S and 0.5S Static AC active Watt-hour Meter national standards and DL/T614-1997 Multi-function Watt-hour Meter. The communication protocol conforms to the requirements in DL/T645-1997 Multi-function Watt-hour Meter Communication Protocol.


When watt-hour meter is working, the voltage and current circuit sampling will be transformed by the A/D switch to digital signal, which will be sent to DSP for processing. The 16 A/D switch improved the resolution ratio of voltage and current sampling, at the same time, the DSP enhance the ability of measuring and provide complete data to upper layer MCU chip, which highly improved the accuracy and made the product competitive.

MCU is used for counting time-sharing tariff, processing all kinds of output and input data, reading DSP data through serial interface, measuring the time-sharing active/reactive power and max demand power according to the presented periods. It can monitor the operating parameters and record all kinds of data, and the data can be transmitted by infrared interface or port 485.


Electric energy measurement, max demand record, multi-tariff, missing voltage and defect phase record, missing current record, overvoltage record, under voltage record, over current record, voltage qualified rate record, data scroll display, pressing-key display, power-on/off record, check-timing on the broadcast, alarming, programmable function, wave measurement function,

Record the power-off frequency, duration (battery working time) and running duration of the meter.

Record and display present instantaneous power, voltage, current, power factor and average frequency.

Record the active/reactive average power of the present minute of the meter.

Record the operation state of the meter.

Electric energy freezing function

Freeze active electric energy in forward direction at the end of a time period.

Separate RS 485 and infrared communication interface

Backlight function and cover open record function.

Technical condition

Accuracy class: active class 0.2S, reactive class 1.

Rated frequency: 50Hz

Starting current: 0.001In (class 0.2) in active energy, 0.001(class2.0) in reactive energy.

Shunt running: the meter is designed anti shunt running.

Electrical data: normal working voltage is 0.8Un~1.1Un, limit working voltage is 0.75Un~1.2Un, voltage circuit power loss is ≤2W and 5VA, current circuit power loss is <1VA, data backup battery voltage is 3.6VDC, power-off reading battery voltage is 6.0VDC.

Rate working parameters: clock accuracy(daily error)≤0.5S, battery capacity≥1000mAh, preserve data for ten years after power-off (with new battery).

Climate conditions: normal working temperature is ﹣20℃~+50℃, working temperature limit is ﹣30℃~+60℃, transportation and storage temperature is ﹣40℃~+70℃. The relative humidity of storage and working is ≤85%.

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