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1. DDS3666& DTS3666 din rail type single-phase & three-phase electronic energy meter adopts advanced ultra-low power consumption solid-state integrated circuit technology and SMT advanced technology, small installation volume, and is used to measure AC single-phase and three active energy. The performance indicators of this product conform to the technical indicators of IEC 62053-21 single-phase static electric energy meter. Communication protocol MODBUS communication protocol.

2. Functions and Features

2.1 It has the function of bi-directional metering, which can accurately measure the positive and negative bidirectional active energy, mechanical display, liquid crystal display, and permanent data storage.

2.2 Option has RS485 communication interface, the baud rate is 1200 or 2400 4800 by default (when MODBUS-RTU), it can be modified to 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600. (Optional), a built-in control switch can be used to remotely switch off the power.

2.3 The instrument can use LCD liquid crystal display, which is generous and intuitive. The instrument wheel displays data such as constant, electricity, meter number, voltage, current, and power etc .

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