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DDSY3666&DTSY3666 single-phase & three-phase prepaid electric energy meteradopts microelectronic technology to measure electric energy, IEC62053-21 standard, electric meter adopts fully shielded and fully sealed structure, and uses advanced single-chip processing system for data collection, processing and storage, with good resistance to Electromagnetic interference, low self-consumption and power saving, high precision without meter calibration, anti-theft of electricity, high overload, long life, simple operation, etc.

Apply computer management, first purchase electricity and then use electricity; the maximum power usage can be limited within the rated current range; one card and one meter, dedicated to the special card, the card will not lose power, and the card can be used again; the electrical card can transmit data in both directions, and can Automatic power-off alerts the user to purchase electricity; when the power is zero, it will automatically switch off and power off; and it has anti-theft software design, etc.

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