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Single Phase Two Wire Electronic Kwh Meter


1. General

   DDS series single-phase electronic type watt-hour meter adopts the advanced SMT process and solid-state integrated circuit technology of ultra-low power consumption, it is used to measure the active electric energy of single-phase AC 50Hz, all technical indexes are in conformity with IEC62053-21-2003,GB/T17215.321-2008 Electricity metering equipment (a.c.) – Particular requirements - Part 21: Static meters for active energy (classes 1 and 2) on single-phase static watt-hour meter.

2. Functions and characteristics

2.1 Stable measuring accuracy, general speaking, it would be free from effect of frequency, temperature, voltage or high order harmonic. After leaving the factory, it is unnecessary to make further regulation to the complete machine, it is allowable to prolong the verification period, which sharply reduces the testing and inspection work of power department, it has obviously advantage in reliability when comparing with other similar products.

2.2 Bi-directional measuring function, it is able to measure out the forward and reverse active energy accurately, and the reverse active energy would also be reckoned in forward value.

2.3 It is able to reserve the data of electric quantity permanently without help of standby battery.

2.4 The register will be driven by single chip directly, preventing pulse-loss phenomenon during power on or off, which guarantees consistency of meter reading data and register indicating value, avoids unnecessary dissension due to inconsistency of data.

2.5 Adoption of optical coupling isolated passive pulse output interface .

2.6 This meter is featured with wide load, high accuracy, high reliability, high sensitivity, straight error curve, low power consumption, small volume, light weight, energy saving, material saving, direct register display, etc.

3. Specifications and main parameters

3.1 Specification & model


Class index

Reference voltage Un

Rated current


Class 1










3.2Intrinsic error

load current

power factor

elementary error(%)

Class 1

Class 2





















Ib is basic current, Imax is maximum current.

3.3 Starting: under conditions of reference voltage,reference frequency and power factor is 1.0, the meter should be able to start and measure the electric energy normally when meter of class 1 is 0.4%Ib and meter of class 2 is 0.5%Ib.

3.4 Creeping: anti-creeper logical design, apply a reference voltage of 1.15 times to the voltage circuit, while there is no current in current circuit, testing output of the meter shall not produce more than one pulse.

3.5 Power consumption: ≤2W (5VA).

3.6 Ambient conditions Standard working temperature: -25℃~55℃Limiting working temperature: -25℃~60℃ Note: limiting working temperature for special requirements: -40℃~70℃

4. Working principle

5. Installation and connection

5.1 Outline and installation dimension drawing

5.2 Wiring diagram

Introducing our Single Phase Two Wire Electronic Watt Hour Meter, the perfect solution for accurate and efficient energy measurement. Designed with utmost precision and utilizing the latest advancements in technology, our DDS series single-phase electronic watt-hour meter is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Built with the advanced SMT process and solid-state integrated circuit technology, this meter ensures ultra-low power consumption, making it an energy-efficient choice. Its cutting-edge design allows for precise measurement of electricity consumption, providing you with accurate readings and enabling you to effectively monitor your energy usage.

With its two-wire configuration, our watt-hour meter offers seamless integration into your electrical system, ensuring hassle-free installation. Its single-phase functionality ensures compatibility with a wide range of applications, making it suitable for both residential and commercial use.

Reliable and durable, our watt-hour meter is built to withstand the test of time. Crafted with high-quality materials and adhering to strict quality standards, it guarantees long-lasting performance and accuracy.

Stay in control of your energy consumption with our Single Phase Two Wire Electronic Watt Hour Meter. Trust in its advanced technology, ultra-low power consumption, and precision measurement capabilities to effectively monitor and manage your energy usage. Invest in a reliable and efficient solution that will not only save you money but also contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.

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