Single smart electic meter for elctricity grid
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Single smart electic meter for elctricity grid

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Single smart electic meter for elctricity grid

1.Product Overview

The DDZY3666 type Single-phase Local Rate-control Smart Watt-hour Meter is made in advanced microelectronic technology and SMT process, whose performance index is in conformity with the technical requirements in Q/GDW364-2009 Technical Specification for Single-phase Smart Watt-hour Meter. It’s a meter with high accuracy, prepayment function, good stability and it’s an ideal product to reform the power system and improve the management level of power loss.



combined active , forward active, reverse active

Timing frozen energy, instantaneous frozen energy

Appointed frozen energy

Daily frozen energy, hourly frozen energy

Store the data in last 12 months’ power loss.


Embedded ESAM module,   CPU card

pre-alarm and switch   on/off functions

Event recording

Time calibration   record

Program and reset   record

Cover opening record

Switch on/off record

Power on/off record,   power fail record

Communication   and pulse

RS485 communication,   infrared communication

LED pulse, electric   pulse output

Clock signal output

3.Main Technical Data

Reference   voltage


Current specifications



Reference   frequency


Accuracy   class

Class 2.0

Starting   current

0.004 Ib 0.002Ib(CT)

Ambient conditions

Rated working   temperature:-25℃~+60℃

Limit working   temperature:-40℃~+70℃

Storage and   transportation temperature:-40℃~+70℃

Maximum   relative humidity

Annually average:75% monthly average:95%

Normal   working voltage range


Limit operating voltage

Forcing 1.9Un   voltage to the meter voltage circuit for 4 hours, the meter is not damaged   and can work normally after the test.

Maximum   current

Running one hour   under 1.2Imax, the meter is not damaged.

Clock   accuracy

In reference   temperature(23℃), the accuracy of the clock is ≤±0.5s/d

Power loss

When not in the communication   state, voltage circuit active power rate≤1.5W,apparent power rate≤10VA; less than 3W and   12VA in the communication state.

Lithium battery

Environmentally   friendly lithium battery, the capacity of which is≥1.2Ah, keeping the   programs in the meter and the clock running for more than 5 years after   power-off and the service life is more than 10 years.

Antistatic   ability


Design   service life

≥10 years




If the parameters of   different types are different from the specifications above then take the specific   type as priority.

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